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Our address: …. Prague 1 (City centre, near Muzeum / Mustek / Náměstí Republiky)

C3 is a community of nomadic workers (freelancers, entrepreneurs, telecommuters) who work daily or occasionally in our coworking space. We organize numerous events, share skills, exchange contacts and help each other. You can expect bursts of laughter, entertaining conversation and expressos.

What we offer ?

Our coworking plan can provide you with a professional office space for as long as you need it. If you plan to come once a month, once a week or for full-time work, we have the perfect plan to suit your needs. Check out our offers and rates now.

Why drag yourself to boring after-work networking events where you listen to tedious speakers and conferences? At C3, you can meet dozens of people with interesting projects by simply working alongside them during the day.

Although you might be comfortable working from your tiny apartment kitchen, it’s hardly a place where you’d like to invite clients. Belonging to C3 coworking space gives you access to a professional conference room, which will lend credibility to your business meetings. C3 coworking provides you with a conference room that seats 10 people around a table and comes equipped with a projector. Try pulling that off in your kitchen!

Would you like to work in the city centre? Don´t go to a noisy, crowded coffee house. Participate in our quiet coworking space instead. We are located in the heart of Prague 1, only 5 minutes walk from every Metro line and main train station!

The desk chair can be a seriously under-appreciated piece of office equipment unless you are forced to leave it behind. Coworking allows you to enjoy desk chairs (with wheels and back support!) as well as enough desk space to spread out all of your computer equipment, papers and work utensils.


  • 71% report a boost in creativity since joining a coworking space.
  • 62% said their standard of work had improved in a coworking space.
  • Almost 90% of coworkers report an increase in self-confidence.
  • 70% of coworkers feel healthier than they did working in a traditional office.
  • 64% of coworkers are better able to complete tasks on time.
  • Between a third and half of all workers are flexible and mobile.

Why choose C3 Workspace ?


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